Outdoor Living – Some Of The Best Ideas

Outdoor Living – Some Of The Best Ideas

Some of the best outdoor living spaces can help one enjoy the warmer days and nights outdoors, without letting go the comforts of the house’s inner space. When working on the outdoor living area, it’s recommended to get started with pools and patios, pathways, and then buy some furniture that fits into and also complements the space. Luxury options such as water features or outdoor bars can be considered. Though these could be on the expensive side, they are certainly durable and the years of enjoyment and pleasure would make up for the initial costs. Its always vital to speak to a builder of outdoor areas before you take your project too far so you know the costs and restrictions.

Patio and Barbeque

A patio or a deck can be designed, keeping in mind the amenities and household size that you intend to accommodate. The paved outdoor area must be big enough to fit the requirements. A multi-level patio or a deck would be ideal so that there are multiple areas for varied activities. A spot for a barbeque or a built-in bar may be needed. These barbeques would take center stage during the grilling season. For outdoor cooking, the barbeque and the grilling utensils are essential. Some of the accessories that go well with the barbeque setup include nonstick grill baskets, roast and rib holders, hot dog roller racks, food flippers, etc. The flipper is unlike a spatula and helps flip or turn any solid food, much efficiently.


It is ideal to have a variety of furniture placed in the patio area, so that it is easy to remain accommodated regardless of the activities being conducted in the place. A round table is probably the most primary furniture tool. A 48-inch table can accommodate six to ten people and would also look quite compact. However, a regular table would be more ideal if you are used to treating your guests to outdoor buffet sessions. There should be enough space in the patio area for people to pull out the chairs and also walk around the table. For a more compact table, like the one mentioned before, 12 to 16 feet is the bare minimum patio space needed. To recreate an indoor dining room feel, plush cushions-based chairs can be chosen. Bright colors can create a focal point and would give a more tropical feel. There should be multiple options for outdoor relaxation purposes, like bench seats surrounding the fire pit or some double loungers to lie down by the pool.

Shelter, Heat and Lighting

An arbor should be constructed above a single area of the patio space so that the guests have the option to seek some shade, without setting foot indoors. Similarly, retractable awnings would come in handy too as these would offer protection from light drizzles. For evening dining, an umbrella with embedded lights can be set over the table. For heat, outdoor heaters can be bought in or a fire pit can be constructed. A stone fireplace would perhaps be the best option, as it provides an elegant ambience and also generates the much needed warmth. You can also play with multiple varieties of lights – from hanging lights to candles to spotlights. These lights can be used to highlight the various features of the space, including an attractive tree or the pool.


Features could be functional or decorative; however, every outdoor space must have a focal point that manages to draw the attention of everyone. The feature could be a fountain, a stone fireplace with nearby seating arrangements, floating lights, etc. The features should be defined with highlight lights, with the area surrounded with trees, plants, and flowers to create an outdoor oasis-like feel.